Quick Add Extension Demo for Web2Cal Don't Like filling out Forms? 

Try Quick Add "Brunch with Mom 11am Sunday". Yes as simple as that!

Web2Cal Quick AddBeta facilitates a real easy way of adding events. If you don't like cumbersome forms to fill out, Quick Add can almost read a simple sentence and add the event. If you type in something like [Brunch with Mom at Java 11am Sunday], Quick Add can figure out what you mean and pop the new event right onto your calendar.

Try the following examples

  • Lunch with John at "Taco Tuesdays" Friday 12 pm
  • Volleyball at 5pm
  • Bank holiday 8/14
  • Staff meeting next Monday at 13:00
  • Running w/ Pat 2:15 tomorrow for 45 minutes
  • Running w/ Pat 2:15 - 3 pm tomorrow
  • National Conference 9/23 - 9/26 in Atlanta
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