Week View

Web2Cal Ajax Events Calendar - Week View   Web2Cal week view, displays events for a week. Events can be dragged from one day to another day. The all-day section displays events that span whole day. Each event can have a resizable / movable flag to indicate if the event can be resized or moved.

   All Day events can be dragged on to any date in the mini calendar. 

Create as many events you like to evaluate performance of Web2Cal. Web2Cal offers unmatched performance capable of handling a large dataset.

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Month View

Bmview-mini Web2Cal Month View displays events for a month. This view will be displayed by either clicking the "Month" in the tab or Clicking Month Name in the minicalendar or by script ical.showVeiw("month"). You can also specify the month to show.

You can customize the behavior and display using callbacks and templates.

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Mail Calendar

web2cal-view800x368 Flexible nature of Web2Cal allows the Calendar to be embedded in various applications. One such application is described below in a typical webmail client. Calendar displayed below contains no database. All events created will be erased when you change the view or refresh this page.

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Resource View

Web2Cal View - Ajax Events Calendar Resource View can be used to display availability of resources. The resource can be a team / group / rooms / utilities. This view resembles the week view, but the headers can be any string. Events can be dragged and dropped between resources.

Just like all views, the quick toggle will hide / show a resource. The input data format is identical to all other views.

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Block Events in Range

Web2Cal Calendar Block Events Is an easy way to restrict events to be created and dragged into. Specify any time range, dynamically update the range, optionally highlight the region and much more. 


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Year View V2 Demo

Year View in Web2Cal Year View V2 Extension displays all the months in a year and events in a timeline perspective. Take a look at the demo below to know more 


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Workshift View

Web2Cal Ajax events calendar workshift viewWorkshift view

displays events as can be displayed in a scheduler. The resources displayed on the left hand side can be grouped.

Each task can be moved or resized.

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Full Window Demo

Quick Add Extension Demo for Web2Cal Quick Add Extension Demo for Web2Cal

Want to display the calendar in the entire window?
Use our new fullWindow extension to show the calendar in the whole window. Display maximize onload if required.


Option to adapt itself on window resize.

Perfect for mobile devices (iDevices, Android, HP Tablets ) display the entire calendar as a Native Application.

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