Block Events / Appointment Manager

Block Events is an extension that all calendars must have. This extension can either allow creation / dropping events in the range that is specified or block events from being created / dropped in the range specified.

There could be more than one time range per day. Callbacks provide that fine grained control to your extension.

You can update the range to block anytime by invoking the update method. With the right options, This extension can also prevent events from overlapping.

Requires Web2Cal Ultimate or Multi.

Option Type Description Default
maxMinutes Number Number of blocks maximum allowed. 180
minMinutes Boolean Minimum blocks allowed 30
onBlockedDayException function Invoked when an event conflict is detected Params :
function(blockedDay, event, operation){}
1. Day of Event
2. Event Object
3. Mode - Either Create / Update
To view the demo click here


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