Data Format for Web2Cal

Following section describes the Data Format expected by Web2Cal. Web2Cal accepts data in JSON Format. Web2Cal renders grouped Events. As of version 3.0, Groups can be nested. See sample shown below

Calendar automatically renders each group in a different color.

Group Object

Group = {

name: <String>   [required] - Name for the group
groupId: <number> [required] - Unique ID for this group
color: {Color Object}[optional] - Specify the color, else Web2Cal will assign a color
show: true|false[optional] - Hide events for this group on load
events: [{Event Object}, {Event Object} ... ]- See below for Event Object definition
groups: [{Another group Object},{Another group Object}...]  - Nested groups supported


Event Object


startTime: <Date> <String yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss> [required] *
endTime: <Date>  <String yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss> [required] *
group: {Group Object} [required]1
eventId: < String / Number > [required]
allDay: <boolean> [optional]
eventName: <String> [optional]
eventDesc: <String> [optional]